Who Sang Me and Wittgenstein Down the Street by the Schoolyard? The Death of Anna Karina

Release information
Release Date: 2005-1-30
length: 2:37
w: we connot desuribe the limits of the language of the world, and indicate those limits to someone.
me: the world is an all limited world,
so what do you think you have resolved,
all of philosophy's problems?
w: the babies of the country don't understand algebra.
me: great,
beat me wittgenstein,
beat me!
w: ok.
me: i'm a poor baby explain to me this simple gesture.
w: i can't.
me: the nature of the language is essentially social and interactive,
that's why you beat me,
It was a strange day
me and wittgenstein down the street by the schoolyard

CD 1
  • 1 Me and Wittgenstein Down the Street by the Schoolyard
  • 2 Decapitation Decapitation
  • 3 The State
  • 4 Every Revolution Is a Throw of Dice
  • 5 Simon Le Bon Against the Tradition (Revisited)
  • 6 Kickin' a Dead Pig Bag
  • 7 The Cure
  • 8 Castration
  • 9 I Hear the Seduction of New Liberalistic Pleasures on Your CD
  • 10 JLG and Anna Karina in a Bar
  • 11 Instrumental