Michel Poiccard Prefers the Old (She Yearns for the Devil) Lyrics - The Death Set

The Death Set Michel Poiccard cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-2-28
Genre: Rock
Style: Noise/Experimental/Indie Rock
length: 2:53
Michel Poiccard, he prefers the old
He prefers the scum, revels in the mold
He prefers the grit, rough and tumble b____
Your girls got the itch, for the bad boy situation
Devastation, broken hearts but who can stop
The yearn for, a little of the devil ahhh!

She yearns for a little, of the devil a la la la la
She yearns for a little of the devil ahhh!

You can't compete, nice and sweet
For Michel, she got it dirty deep
Cigarette smoke, liar, thief
Steals your heart from your purse and keeps
Thinking of, scheming of, ways to come up!

CD 1
  • 1 I Wanna Take This Tape and Blow Up Ya Fuckin Stereo
  • 2 Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap
  • 3 We Are Going Anywhere Man
  • 4 Can You Seen Straight?
  • 5 Chew It Like a Gun Gum
  • 6 Is That a French Dog?
  • 7 I Miss You Beau Velasco
  • 8 Michel Poiccard Prefers the Old (She Yearns for the Devil)
  • 9 I Like the Wrong Way
  • 10 A Problem Is a Problem It Don't Matter Where You From
  • 11 Too Much Fun for Regrets
  • 12 Kittens Inspired by Kittens
  • 13 7pm Woke Up an Hour Ago
  • 14 It's Another Day
  • 15 Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me in the Head
  • 16 I Been Searching for This Song Called Fashion
  • 17 Is It the End Again?