Who Sang General Information? The Dingees

Release information
Release Date: 2001-1-11
Genre: Rock Reggae
Style: Roots Reggae/Punk
length: 2:17
But that don't mean a thing in any situation
Gotta look at it turned around, inside out and upsidedown
Sleepwalking though a waterfall,
thinking backward till you hit the ground
We all got the same useless education
Ending up rotting out in a dead end occupation
Its people like you and its people like me
And in every way to be people need to be free
I want more than the general information
Pop culture so imploded its got me feeling cracked out
I know they got me recorded CIA on the lookout
Uprise upheaval upstart over tyranny
I know they got my people under radioactivity
We want more than your general information
We want more than the general information
Gotta get the job done, there won't be no other way,
no, when I say information give it away

CD 1
  • 1 Spray Paint (We Won't Carry Over)
  • 2 Middle Man
  • 3 Summer
  • 4 Dear Sister, Dear Brother
  • 5 Christina Fight Back
  • 6 Ronnie Raygun
  • 7 We Rot the Voodoo
  • 8 General Information
  • 9 Latch Key Kids
  • 10 Moving Underground
  • 11 Whole Scene
  • 12 The World's Last Night
  • 13 Declaration (The Crucial Conspiracy)