Who Sang Summer? The Dingees

Release information
Release Date: 2001-1-11
Genre: Rock Reggae
Style: Roots Reggae/Punk
length: 3:42
When the days grow long and it smells sweet outside
Sit on the steps with some things to spare
Chat with Chomes about the things in our future

And you know that we go crazy

And you know that its summertime
When it stings so hot you can't sleep at night
All our trouble, it's still all the same
But in summertime it just don't seem that way

How do you feel? Do you feel unreal?
Things aren't what they seem in this summer dream
Trouble just can't steal a feeling so unreal

CD 1
  • 1 Spray Paint (We Won't Carry Over)
  • 2 Middle Man
  • 3 Summer
  • 4 Dear Sister, Dear Brother
  • 5 Christina Fight Back
  • 6 Ronnie Raygun
  • 7 We Rot the Voodoo
  • 8 General Information
  • 9 Latch Key Kids
  • 10 Moving Underground
  • 11 Whole Scene
  • 12 The World's Last Night
  • 13 Declaration (The Crucial Conspiracy)