Who Sang The World's Last Night? The Dingees

Release information
Release Date: 2001-1-11
Genre: Rock Reggae
Style: Roots Reggae/Punk
length: 4:38
Bring cross a vision every eye
Leave all but righteousness for man has made
A mishap out of me
Words been etched into our hearts
But soon our minds grow far apart
Mind blown society has made desolution common speech

Trouble come like the world's last night
Combat turn fight to life

The prince of the power of the air
Flying phantom ship, binding children in fear
The days are darkeninng, shine like rays
Sparked by the solar flare
Neither death nor life nor angel
No height of heaven or no depth of hell
No created thing now or soon to come can steal away

We don't want the end, we want the beginning
We don't want destruction, but it comes before the new beginning
We don't want the end, we want the beginning
We don't want destruction but we know it comes before a new creation

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