The Dodos - Chickens Lyrics

release date: 2007-11-7
genres: Rock
styles: Indie Rock
length: 3:04
And all my friends are leaving me
They don't see, they don't see, they don't see my plight
And oh my mom, she yelled at me
We don't talk, we just fight, doing that with me all night
And all my girlfriends bother me
They don't like, they don't like, they don't like the things they see in me
They won't change, they won't change, they won't change, they're not changing me
And oh my dog, he died last week
We would sit, we would talk, he would bark, and I would ball and weep
He was kind, he was smart, he don't mind, he was a friend to me

And all my failures, I can see
What I'd wrong, what I'd right, how I did, it almost started it, please
And all these chickens telling me
"You're a fool, you're a liar, should've up and thrown him in the fire"
I don't care, if any right, I can see the dark tonight
I can fail, I can fail, if I'm going to hell, don't matter here
And oh one day, will be my turn
All these birds will come alive, throw me in the fire and watch me burn

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