The Dodos - Small Deaths Lyrics

release date: 2009-7-27
genres: Rock Folk, World, & Country
styles: Indie Rock
length: 5:19
Comes a flooding of this stage
we'll be wading in its wake
sifting through old men in their place
leads us to greater thoughts to crave

tell me glacier where you've been
and why is your posture is so poor
i hear the heats been coming in
i see the sun is at your door

small deaths come too late

Oh my brother went to make
his day amongst the sharks and whales
he had a heart of gold I think
but when he left it wasn't there
(now he wants to on __ make)
yeah he'd been saving, he'd be saving
so much to have, but nothing gave
all put it up, now in his grave

small deaths come too late

do you intend to pour your affection til you
die I don't want you wait
not until your try
do you intend to (fake) your affection
cause the tides telling you to wait
not until the tide

no more time to carry with you [x4]

tend to the sound of what you believe and
we can't, we can't all
we can't, we can't all be that way
when you were young
and there was fascination
we can't, we can't all
we can't, we can't all

we can't, we can't all [x10]

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