Who Sang Summer Ends Some Things? The Dreamer and the Sleeper

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Release Date: 2009-6-2
length: 4:07

Oh my life is like this story world
Where I fight the thought to have a girl
And I'd like to get through this sentence to finish the chapter
Cause the next is blacker

(Whoa, oh)

If I was a book maybe then you'd look, whoa
Because you focus your eyes downwards all the time
Please babe, my talking is supposed to get attention
Please don't let this be the last time
I've got to live it up with all the time...

I get, we get, we get it, I get it
(Whoa, oh)

And I can't attach to the chances given
It's just like I am icy-smitten, yeah
Oh, yeah
It's like adeptness glides right off me
Sometimes I just gotta think
I gotta think

Let's say
(It's such a damaged countdown)
For a second maybe I am scared
(The Summer ends some things)
The Summer ends some things
Cause I think
(Even though I'm sun-kissed)
With a love attaching onto me

I can't attach to the chances given
It's just like I am icy-smitten
Like active learning's overridden
I can't attach to the chances given
(And I know that I will just love your taste)
It's just like I am icy-smitten
(Even more for the time and space...)
Like active learning's overridden

CD 1
  • 1 Across the Water
  • 2 The Psychologist
  • 3 These Inevitable Insanities
  • 4 Mistakes!
  • 5 Astronauts
  • 6 The Break and the Wake
  • 7 The Civil War
  • 8 Halloween
  • 9 Rules in a Knife Fight
  • 10 Summer Ends Some Things
  • 11 The Beginning and the End

  • Release information
    label: Icarus Kids Recordings
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin