The Elms - Burn and Shine Lyrics

release date: 2002-10-22
length: 4:39
And we're gonna shine, shine, shine.
Even if it wears us out, or takes us out past these county lines.
We're sick of moving oh, so slow,
And being told where to go.
Making up our minds to burn and shine.

One soul in a year ain't all that bad
When its the only chance you ever had.
Don't you ever wish for something true?
Something to pour your heart and soul into?

Take all your feelings, and put 'em aside,
And get what matters on your mind!

All you love will surely come and go,
And life is all your moments in a row.
No more crying for the days gone by.
And no one ever loses if they try!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Speaking in Tongues
  • 2 You Saved Me
  • 3 All the While Having Fun
  • 4 Burn and Shine
  • 5 The First Day
  • 6 You Got No Room to Talk
  • 7 Come to Me
  • 8 Let Love In
  • 9 Go Toward the Glow
  • 10 Through the Night
  • 11 Happiness
  • 12 Smile at Life Again