The Elms - Happiness Lyrics

release date: 2002-10-22
length: 4:04
There's no one left to lead us. We're a nation of retreaters, every one.

I won't be afraid.

Show me the light that You promised.
Happiness comes through despair.
Make it so bright, You kill the darkness everywhere.

You've given me a reason, and You're surely gonna see me if I run.
And when I wanna quit it, well, You won't let me forget it 'till it's done.

Now that I've found my tune, help me to sing it through,
And not be drawn away.
And if I should be let down by one of those standing 'round,
I will not turn away.

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Speaking in Tongues
  • 2 You Saved Me
  • 3 All the While Having Fun
  • 4 Burn and Shine
  • 5 The First Day
  • 6 You Got No Room to Talk
  • 7 Come to Me
  • 8 Let Love In
  • 9 Go Toward the Glow
  • 10 Through the Night
  • 11 Happiness
  • 12 Smile at Life Again