The Elms - Strut Lyrics

release date: 2009-9-15
genres: Rock
length: 3:25
I walk out and stand in-a my front yard,
It's plain to see that the times are hard.
What's a man to do when he's had enough?
You put on your boots and you strut your stuff.

I bet on the market, that done crashed.
I bought me a house, but it ain't worth trash.
Baby, I don't care, long as I stay tough.
'Till it turns around, I'm gonna strut my stuff.

Come on, strut your stuff.

I got a call today from the hometown bank,
And I got no fuel left in the tank.
Well the scene looks bad but sure enough,
Gonna go out today and strut my stuff.

Come on, strut your stuff.

At the crack of dawn you know you get on up,
You put the hot black coffee in your cup.
You say a little prayer should the day get rough,
Then you step on out, man, and strut your stuff

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Strut
  • 2 Unless God Appears First
  • 3 Country Fair
  • 4 The Wildest Heart
  • 5 Long Road
  • 6 The Shake
  • 7 The Good Guys
  • 8 The Little Ways
  • 9 Back to Indiana
  • 10 This Is How the World Will End
  • 11 Thunderhead
  • 12 A Place in the Sun