Cathy’s Clown Lyrics - The Everly Brothers

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Release information
Release Date: 1960
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Rock & Roll/Ballad/Country Rock
length: 2:25
performer: The Everly Brothers
bass: Floyd D. 'Lightnin'' Chance
membranophone: Buddy Harman
guitar: Don Everly
piano: Floyd Cramer
composer: Don Everly
lyricist: Don Everly
writer: Phil Everly, Don Everly
Don't want your love anymore,
Don't want your kisses that's for sure,
I die each time I hear this sound,
Here he comes that's Cathy's clown

I gotta stand tall
You know a man can't crawl,
When he knows your tellin' lies and
He hears 'em passing by, he's
Not a man at all


When you see me shed a tear,
And you know that it's sincere
Don't you think it's kinda sad that
You're treating me so bad or don't
You even care?


That's Cathy's clown
That's Cathy's clown

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