Who Sang Danger Danger? The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers EB 84 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1984
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Rock & Roll/Pop Rock
length: 3:26
producer: Dave Edmunds
vocal: Phil Everly and Don Everly
mixer: Carey Taylor
recording engineer: Carey Taylor
composer: Frankie Miller
lyricist: Frankie Miller
You like the bright lights
Staying out every night
Teasing the boys playing with toys

Danger danger that's a game that you play
Danger danger but I can't stay away
You got a bad
Bad bad name
But I want you just the same

You hate the teachers at school
Treat 'em so cool
You slip and you slide take'em all for a ride

Danger danger only game that you know
Danger danger you always let go
You got a bad
Bad bad name
But I want you just the same

The physical walk dressing to kill
The best little tease
With the cheap
Cheap thrill
You kiss'em so good go go child
The devil himself
Must made you his child

Got the mojo machine
The cake and the cream
In your cute little dress
Put'em all of the test

Danger danger...
You like the bright lights...
Danger danger...

CD 1
  • 1 On the Wings of a Nightingale
  • 2 Danger Danger
  • 3 The Story of Me
  • 4 I’m Takin’ My Time
  • 5 The First in Line
  • 6 Lay Lady Lay
  • 7 Following the Sun
  • 8 You Make It Seem So Easy
  • 9 More Than I Can Handle
  • 10 Asleep