Who Sang Paradise? The Everly Brothers

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length: 3:37
And then she holds my hand, mm mm mm mm.
And then I understand, mm mm mm mm.
Her eyes afire with one desire,
Then a heavenly kiss;
Could I resist?

And then she dims the light, mm mm mm mm.
And then she holds me tight, mm mm mm mm.
Her kiss, each fond caress,
They lead the way to happiness.
She takes me to Paradise.

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Lay It Down
  • 2 Husbands and Wives
  • 3 Woman Don’t You Try to Tie Me Down
  • 4 Sweet Memories
  • 5 Ladies Love Outlaws
  • 6 Not Fade Away
  • 7 Watchin’ It Go
  • 8 Paradise
  • 9 Somebody Nobody Knows
  • 10 Good Hearted Woman
  • 11 A Nickel for the Fiddler
  • 12 Rocky Top