Who Sang You Done Me Wrong? The Everly Brothers

Release information
Release Date: 1968
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country/Country Rock
length: 2:16
Well you tell me that you care but now you're gone you got me cryin'
No use denyin' you done me wrong
If I could look inside your heart maybe I could find the reason
Why you are leavin' me all alone
Well you know it's not so when you say it's not well you know you lie
I didn't do one wrong thing to you
Won't you tell me baby why you went and left me here so lonely
I miss only yes I love you
[ fiddle - steel ]
Did I ever make you sad so you'd be mad and love to hurt me
And desert me for so long
Well you're telling everyone what you done you think it's funny
Well listen honey you done me wrong
Well you know it's not so...
[ piano ]
Well you know it's not so...

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