Who Sang (You Got) The Power of Love? The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers In Our Image cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1966
Genre: Rock
Style: Rock & Roll
length: 2:38
Whoa-yeah, baby, sugar
Honey, sweet darlin', I'm yours
Oh, yes I am

Every since that day we met
My whole life been full of joy and happiness
Oh when you kiss me it burns to my soul
Seven days later, my body I can't control

You got (power in your kiss)
You got (power in your twist)
You got power, power, power

Oh I love ya
I tell you I just can't help myself
Oh when I hear you talk and I see you walk
That make me know I don't want nobody else
You got (power in your walk) oh yeah
You got (power in your talk) uh-huh
You got power, power, power
Oh baby, power over me

I love it when you love me
(Love the way you love me)
I love the way you call my name

All my life I wanted someone
To love an understand
Now we're together, listen to me honey
My loneliness has gone away
I swear I think I'm
Think I'm able to carry on, yeah

You got honey in your kiss
And I'm glad of that
You got honey in your twist
And I'm glad about it

Sometime, baby
I wanna scream about your love
Sometimes, baby
I just a-wanna say oh, I'm glad
I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad

You got power in your kiss
(Power in your kiss)
You got power in your twist
(Power in your twist)
You got power in your walk
(Power in your walk)
You got power in your talk
(Power in your talk)
Power with your best
You got it, you got it
You got it baby
Sometime I wanna squeeze you

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