Who Sang Unleash The Fury? The Feelers

Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 4:40
We'll let the mentally confused,
Glue themselves to the screen
They'll see their names have been refused,
Their past is never seen
They're closing in on our position,
X-raying all out gear
It's an enlightened disposition
But the end is never clear

So I'm going internal, The whole world's a blur

Unleash the fury,
Let this shadow pass right through me
I've been betrayed by my very own hand
Unleash the fury,
Let these memories confuse me
Now something's gone, Something's got to end
So we'll be breaking up again

Unleash the fury and bruise the beast
Hell this ain't no five hundred or bridge
This ain't no live and let live kind of game
When the b______s are here to destroy my name

So I'm going internal, The whole world's a blur


Welcome to the world within,
It's world of sin, It's so wonderful

Unleash the fury, Hit the bourbon hit the phone
Let's start a rumour that we're married and
Heading for Rome

CD 1
  • 1 Weapons Of War
  • 2 Playground Battle
  • 3 Larger Than Life
  • 4 The Fear
  • 5 Fallout Shelter
  • 6 Labyrinth
  • 7 Supernova
  • 8 All Connected
  • 9 Rain
  • 10 Emotional Allstar
  • 11 Military Precision
  • 12 Unleash The Fury
  • 13 Stand Up