Eyes of the World Lyrics - The Finn Brothers

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Release Date: 1995
length: 2:52
But you're riding up and down in the elevator still
Feeling just a little surprised
Like you discovered Englebert Humperdink or something

Inside the fairy light
It's often hard to tell
The way you see yourself
Will lead you to despair

The eyes of the world will look right through your scene
It's nothing new to me, that's what I used to be

Someone in the eyes of the world
You look into the eyes of the world
Hoping to catch your reflection again
Missing all the real life action

So calm and dignified you rise up from the chair
Put the powder on and climb the slippery stairs
Inside a sleazy room with a bible for companion
Bleeding fingernail, you'll never know yourself

The eyes of the world they look right through you
You're nothing in the eyes of the world
The hint of a smile appears on your face
When you realise there's nothing
In the eyes of the world

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