Who Sang I Didn’t Wanna Write This Song? The Game feat. Marsha Ambrosius

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length: 4:22
Your son wonder when you comin' home
I wonder why you couldn't make it home
I wonder why they love you when you gone (when you gone)
I wonder if they know how much they miss you (miss you)
Crenshaw, now they yellin', "Crenshaw" (Crenshaw)
Crenshaw, now they wearin' Crenshaw (yeah)
I wonder why they love you when you gone (when you gone)

I wonder if you're there right now, I wonder (ayy, Dom)
I wonder f you're really listenin' to what I feel right now? (Ayy, this classic ****, Dom)
(This LA ****) I wonder
I'm hopin' give the peace that'll make 'em really care right now (throw them dubs up)
Yeah (one time for our *****)
But you're gone and it just isn't fair right now
Right now, yeah (we got the world lit)
On God (on God), the work is never done (we love you, Nip)
The good, they die young, used to be my sun
Even when it rains
The pain I feel is numb
Know that you were loved, yeah
I didn't wanna write this song

Didn't wanna write it, so it's from the heart
Even brought your homie from Leimert Park
Smokin' papers on Vernon for the hurt
Reminiscin', you in black sand, built it from the dirt
Los Angeles, the gift and a curse
Focused on your neighborhood but you shifted the Earth
You had the Staples Center packed like a church
Whole South Central put they hands on your hearse
I wonder if Heaven got a Slauson
You with Biggie and 'Pac, look at you, big at the bosses
Headed to a marathon, look at your *****, he flossin'
Your legacy untouchable like Emani and Kross is
On the days that I'm feelin' exhausted
Think about uncle Snoop at the funeral talkin'
This type of **** you don't see that often
Stevie Wonder singin', he can't even see your coffin

I wonder if you're free right now, yeah
I wonder if you're happy, are you livin' out your dreams right now?
I hope the angels are givin' you your wings right now
The hardest things that I had to sing right now
Right now, right now
Oh, God
The best was yet to come (sometimes)
The good, they die young, used to be the sun
Even when it rains, yeah
Pain I feel is numb (numb)
You'll always be loved
I didn't wanna write this song

Ayy, **** sound like it look
All the history you made, *****, I could write a book
You had the Eight Treys walkin' with the 60s
I witnessed it all, you was right there with me (I didn't wanna write this song)
From Eritrea to South Central
From South Central to Brooklyn, look at what you been through
Mind over matter, yeah, it's all mental
But I still don't trust 12 when I see 'em in my rearview
Six years ago, I could've been you
Me and some of my own homies had the same issues
If I come, tell God to let me in
Give 'em the room next to Aaliyah with ESPN
You got years fallin' down the cheeks of Mexicans
You got a number in my phone I can't text again
And if they killed you, they could kill Game
But I don't mind dyin' if it's gon' bring real change

Say hi to the sky, now it's your turn to fly
Still we cry (still we cry)
I wish I could've protected you there (protected you there)
Just say hi to the sky, now it's your turn to fly
Still we cry
Cry, cry
Still we cry, yeah
Cry, cry
I cry
Didn't wanna write this song down

Dear rap game, we can't take no more losses
Thank you God for Nipsey Hussle
King of LA, Slauson
Clap for him
Clap for him
Marathon Continues
(I didn't wanna write this song)