Who Sang Doctor’s Advocate? The Game featuring Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes The Reunion Mixtape cover art
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Release Date: 2006
length: 5:04
[The Game]
Hey to Bust I think I got, the answer for all my problems

[Busta Rhymes]
What the **** you talkin' about, *****? Wha-What's that?

[The Game]
Belvedere, and Banana Snapple

[Busta Rhymes]
Look, get the ****in' *** up, *****
You over there tripin' up yaself nigaa,
You need to ****in' calm, everybody bounce, *****

[The Game]
I'ma man, and most of these *****s
Don't know how to be man, I got a son

[Busta Rhymes]
And what the **** you talkin' about, *****,
C'mon *****, let's take ya *** to your crib, man,
You're tired, *****, and put your drink down, *****, we got to go, *****

[The Game]
One more shot

I didn't mean to walk away
But I hear every word they say
I guess my mind just drew a blank
Like (la la la)
Now I'm sittin' in this goddamn cage
Reminiscin' about my day
With your blood all over my Slate
As the devil sings (la la la)

[The Game]
Dre, I ain't mean to turn my back on you
But I'm a man, and sometimes a man do, what he gotta do
Remember, I'm from Compton too
I saw you and Eazy in 'em, so I started wearin' khaki suits
I was 12 smokin' chronic, in '92
I had a choice, be like Mike, or be like you
I made a choice, now its be Crip or be Piru
Whatever I was, I was bangin' 'Gin & Juice'
Never knew back then, I'd be friends with Snoop
Now I gotta keep it gangster, cause its in my roots
So I owe you my life, when I betrayed you
I tried to think of what the **** Eminem might do
If every ***** hated him, for the 'Black *****' track
And *****s stopped bumpin' Dre after T-Boz got slapped
When Doc say its a rap, its a rap
Its still Aftermath and ain't nothing after that


[The Game]
I never said 'Thank You', and I took for granted
You let me in your house, and made me a part of your family
Now I'm eatin' with you, Eve, and Busta Rhymes
I wasn't starstruck, I was just glad to be signed
And even though sometimes I run loose
You still my homeboy Doc, I'd take a bullet for you
I'm not askin' you to take my side in the beef
But you told me it was OK to say "**** The Police"
Now its my turn to carry the torch
And I still got the chain that you wore on the cover of The Source
Remember when we got drunk, to do "Start From Scratch"?
I told you you was like a father to me I meant that
Sittin' here lookin' at my platinum plaques
Thinkin' what the **** am I without a Doctor Dre track
When Doc say its a rap - its a rap
Its still Aftermath and ain't nothing after that


[Busta Rhymes]
See when the world is on your shoulder and the stress grows bigger
The fire in 'em, made it difficult to talk to the *****
Most of the time I let 'em know I don't agree wit' what he do
But he a hard-head Dre thats why I'm talkin' to you
See when I first met my ***** son was layin' in the cut
Tight, reserve, homie was quiet and kept his mouth shut
Until you told him to spit for me, he flippin' from the gut
I dug his spirit, and I thought the dude was talented as ****
And as the time went on, now he was workin' with the finest
I saw the pressure started to build, so I gave 'em additional guidance
You gave him something that can make or break a ***** you should face it
So big, I don't even think he was ready to embrace it
With the potential to be a strong ***** with conviction
The only problem was our little ***** wouldn't listen
But when Doc say its a rap, its a rap
Its still Aftermath and ain't nothing after that


[Busta Rhymes]
Hey yo Game

[The Game]

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo Game, wake up *****

[The Game]
I'm up man, I'm up

[Busta Rhymes]
We get you crib, *****, get the **** out the car, *****, get up man

[The Game]
This aint my house, my house is, is green

[Busta Rhymes]
What the **** you talkin', look, c'mon *****, let's go man, walk yo, c'mon man

[The Game]
Alright, Hey Bus

[Busta Rhymes]
***** Where the keys at, *****, need to open your door, *****

[The Game]
I got love for you Bus, you're my *****

[Busta Rhymes]
Get to your ****in bed, go sleep, *****, you're tired
*****, and don't ****in drink like that no more,
Man you ****in look like Ned the Worm you drunk ************

[The Game]
Just going to the studio

[Busta Rhymes]
Go to sleep *****

Copy Control CD 1
  • 1 Gangbangin’
  • 2 California Vacation
  • 3 Doctor’s Advocate
  • 4 My Peoples
  • 5 Let’s Ride
  • 6 What It Do
  • 7 Soundscan
  • 8 That’s That
  • 9 Ol’ English
  • 10 Hollywood Divorce
  • 11 Speaks on Black and Brown
  • 12 Vaco
  • 13 Plays Name Association
  • 14 One Blood
  • 15 Snoop Dogg - A Dose of This
  • 16 Here Curty, Curty (Speaks to 50 Cent)
  • 17 We Gorillaz
  • 18 Don’t Run From Me
  • 19 I Don’t Think So
  • 20 Where’s Your Money
  • 21 Plays Something 4 the Ladies
  • 22 Fuckin’
  • 23 Welcome to Aftermath
  • 24 I Wanna Fuck You

  • Release information
    label: Both Sides Entertainment
    country(area): United States
    format: Copy Control CD
    script: Latin