Who Sang Appreciation? The Geeks

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-30
Constant race, people craving more Taking with no intention to give Chained to the growth, our hands are tied Constant greed, our sights are blurred It's time to stop and think Appreciate what we have Too blind to see all that we have And how much we take for granted We regret and regret after it's f****** gone We've got to realize before it's too late It's time to stop and think

CD 1
  • 1 Open Your Eyes
  • 2 What We Believe
  • 3 Appreciation
  • 4 Let It Fade
  • 5 See It Through
  • 6 My Foundation
  • 7 Respect
  • 8 As We Speak
  • 9 Pushed Aside
  • 10 What It Takes
  • 11 Search
  • 12 Every Time We Fall