Who Sang Pushed Aside? The Geeks

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Release Date: 2007-3-30
You keep talking your s*** but I don't' give a f*** I've been pushed aside but you will be soon out of luck I won't listen to your lies and won't change the way I live I've got nothing in return so I will just walk away I 've been pushed around Where will you be when there's nothing left? Your preaching words - they don't mean s*** How could you think you are ways right? I've had enough so I will just turn away

CD 1
  • 1 Open Your Eyes
  • 2 What We Believe
  • 3 Appreciation
  • 4 Let It Fade
  • 5 See It Through
  • 6 My Foundation
  • 7 Respect
  • 8 As We Speak
  • 9 Pushed Aside
  • 10 What It Takes
  • 11 Search
  • 12 Every Time We Fall

  • Release information
    label: Think Fast! Records
    script: Latin