Who Sang Search? The Geeks

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-30
I look around, questioning my life and searching for myself These thoughts, what have I gained and where will I be? We live and learn I look around All the paths I've taken All the answers I've got What have I learned and where will I be? This is where my search begins We live and learn It's hard to look inside ourselves and bring some meaning to our lives It easy to sit and just complain but I will make this life count I will make this life count

CD 1
  • 1 Open Your Eyes
  • 2 What We Believe
  • 3 Appreciation
  • 4 Let It Fade
  • 5 See It Through
  • 6 My Foundation
  • 7 Respect
  • 8 As We Speak
  • 9 Pushed Aside
  • 10 What It Takes
  • 11 Search
  • 12 Every Time We Fall