Who Sang See It Through? The Geeks

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-30
More than words / What it means I tried to explain it But the pressures keep building up With my passion, I am dedicated to what I care about You just can't see it through It will remain I still have it inside You can't take it away because I am not gonna break away Maybe I missed out on something But I don't lost my sight Solid will to look for something more You can't see it through I look ahead and here's my choice This is something you can't see right through It's about the choice that we've made This feeling is real You can't see it through

CD 1
  • 1 Open Your Eyes
  • 2 What We Believe
  • 3 Appreciation
  • 4 Let It Fade
  • 5 See It Through
  • 6 My Foundation
  • 7 Respect
  • 8 As We Speak
  • 9 Pushed Aside
  • 10 What It Takes
  • 11 Search
  • 12 Every Time We Fall