Who Sang See It Through? The Geeks

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More than words / What it means I tried to explain it But the pressures keep building up With my passion, I am dedicated to what I care about You just can't see it through It will remain I still have it inside You can't take it away because I am not gonna break away Maybe I missed out on something But I don't lost my sight Solid will to look for something more You can't see it through I look ahead and here's my choice This is something you can't see right through It's about the choice that we've made This feeling is real You can't see it through

  • 1 Open Your Eyes
  • 2 What We Believe
  • 3 Appreciation
  • 4 Let It Fade
  • 5 See It Through
  • 6 Foundation
  • 7 Respect
  • 8 As We Speak
  • 9 Pushed Aside
  • 10 What It Takes
  • 11 Search
  • 12 Every Time We Fall

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