Who Sang All by Myself? The Heartbreakers

Release information
Release Date: 1977-10-3
length: 2:51
I don't want to talk too much
I just want to get to you
I don't want to see you there
I just want to get you there

All by myself
Not everybody else

I don't need no wedding hall
I just watch your roller ball
Forget your friends and what they do
I got to get inside of you

I don't need society
To open up my life for me
I don't need no audience
To shoot you in my cunning sense

I don't think you understand
What's that dripping in your hand
All the things you thought you do
You finally met your Waterloo

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Born to Lose
  • 2 Baby Talk
  • 3 All by Myself
  • 4 I Wanna Be Loved
  • 5 It's Not Enough
  • 6 Chinese Rocks
  • 7 Get Off the Phone
  • 8 Pirate Love
  • 9 One Track Mind
  • 10 I Love You
  • 11 Going Steady
  • 12 Let Go