Who Sang Breakfast Club? The Herd

Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-3
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Dub/Drum n Bass
length: 5:58
producer: Unkle Ho
additional producer: Urthboy

[Verse 1: Urthboy]
I get up and look at the clock
Stumble out, check my teeth to see if they've rot
Brush em now, looking out for the hair of the dog
Hunt em down, on the rocks one coffee and I'm off
I'm coming round 'cause the train I'm on don't wanna stop
For after effect
And you're loving the taste of the grog still up in his breath
And the moment of reason is gone cluttered by 'yes'
Now you squint in the sunlight asking "What's next?"

[Verse 2: Ozi Batla]
Now I've woke with a shock in the night
Asking "Hey why are the shudders blocking the light?"
"Dude it's midday"
"Oh could you ask Mario to borrow an extra light
To hit the pub or hit sixteen pads like a Tekken fight"
I'm really just riding the day as I see it
And the feeling I'm fighting away was quite decent
And the precedent has been set nights ago
Decadence and the predicate sunlight grows

[Verse 3: Bezerkatron]
So it's another all night to call dawn
And though I got you on my mind I know your roll call
I should take it as a sign and forget it all
But not much is black and white or straight forward
Bar another invite, watch the wall
Another glass asked why, single malt
We play the stages of our time and look for the fall
Warm out, moonlight, I might take a walk

[Verse 4: Urthboy]
But half of the punters that chase the waste, the escape
The uncharted estate steadily hard to relate
Still the toilet looked better than it ever should've
And we drunkenly revel in it
Getting full of all the drink and the devil and shit
Live for the second, the minute, the moment
But I don't know if I'm coping
Don't have the stamina, no hammer and tong hedonist
You go ahead me, I'm not taking on Everest

[Verse 5: Bezerkatron]
Maybe thinking too much, making assumptions
This, that, seems sprouted I can't function
I slide into the bar, I'm vaguely aware of the bizarre
Dance macabre, strangers pair off
The ritual starts with a tap on the shoulder
But the company here's just making loneliness colder
So I'm back out the door, looking for lord knows
The grey blue half light and the long walk home

[Chorus] {x2}
Here come the sunlight, we've ridden the rhythm
It was a fun night, took everything we were given
I had a night that I could never forget
A little this, a little that, and a little regret

[Verse 6: Urthboy]
I walk through the door of the club
Rub my eyes, gravitate to the bar, it's a hub
Overpriced, it's like even the bouncer's on drugs
Yeh she nice, but as trashy as a cigarette stub with a glamour disguise
All the more tired and worn, the music blaring
See me creeping towards dawn like a ferry
They take photographs with their phones, I'm beyond caring
I just take my smoky clothes home, put em' out for airing

[Verse 7: Ozi Batla]
And in the second I'll reflect on the cheques and balances
A saturday night Bobba Fett and yet still manage to
Tip the break of dawn, we broke the laws of physics
But for now I've got a cup of tea and a couch to visit
Out like a lizard drinking, man I'm done with thinking
Calling peeps up and asking them to bring cigs, we done big tings
And any women gets the message grab
Here comes the sunshine so I can't be had

[Chorus] {x2}

[Verse 8: Bezerkatron]
Swore there was something more to this
I dont know, so I'm getting slowly pissed
The warm glow, I don't know if you get my gist
But I'm cyclops like there's plenty of fish but I'm dry docked
And I'm content sitting here on the pier with no boat
Patient, waiting for that ship to come in, it's so slow
Could be the part of the joke, maybe clutching at smoke
But this frustrated bloke is going to trust, hit and hope

[Verse 9: Ozi Batla]
12 hours is a lot of time to get your drink on
Got me thinking about the bottom line and where to kick on
This stamina is killin, softly slow the music
I'm hammered and feeling free got to hold on or lose it
Now I know that the movement towards sleep is imminent
I could keep it in a sit or take fatigue a prisoner
Some help from a friend now at the end of the bag
And get this night to extend, it was the best I've ever had

[Verse 10: Urthboy]
We greet with a kiss on the cheek
It's awkward, you frown and ask 'where did we meet?'
I laugh and I should've just shaken your hand but who gives a damn
We pretend we're friends, probably won't see her again
That's cool, this young disposable income
Got me buying and justifying til the morning come

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