Oh Maggie Lyrics - The High Kings

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Release Date: 2013-10-4
length: 3:12
Oh Maggie, give me one more chance I swear I will make everything right
Oh Maggie, can I have this dance please stay, tonight
Walking down broadway in the blinding light
The city is ringing in my ears
Trying to work out how a few months turned into years
She cradles the young ones by the fireside
Smoldering embers among tears
Collects a few bar bites
And each fortnight, I'm in her ears.
And she fears, and I say.

Millions of people on this crowded street
I've never felt so all alone
Longing to see her is all that's keeping me going
Maggie, if only you would understand
Being apart can set us free
Its just taking longer than I ever thought it would be
Oh believe me, when I say

And I say,

(chorus 2x)

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