Who Sang The Devil’s Right Hand? The Highwaymen

The Highwaymen The Road Goes On Forever cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-4-4
length: 3:13
producer: Don Was
mixer: Chuck Ainlay
electric guitar: Al Anderson
recording engineer: Rik Pekkonen
acoustic guitar: Al Anderson
assistant recording engineer: Dan Bosworth
composer: Steve Earle
lyricist: Steve Earle
About the time that daddy left to fight the big war
I saw my first pistol in the general store
In the general store, when I was thirteen
Thought it was the finest thing I ever had seen

(Willie Nelson)
So I asked if I could have one some day when I grew up
Mama dropped a dozen eggs, she really blew up
She really blew up and I didn't understand
Mama said the pistol is the devil's right hand

[Chorus (All together)]
The devil's right hand, the devil's right hand
Mama said the pistol is the devil's right hand

(Kris Kristofferson)
My very first pistol was a cap and ball colt
Shoots as fast as lightin' but it loads a mighty slow
Loads a mighty slow and soon I found out
It can get you into trouble but it can't get you out

(Waylon Jennings)
So then I went and bought myself a Colt .45
Called a peacemaker but I never knew why
Never knew why, I didn't understand
'Cause Mama said the pistol is the devil's right hand
Well I got into a card game in a company town
Caught a miner cheating I shot the dog down
Shot the dog down, watched the man fall
Never touched his holster never had a chance to draw
The trial was in the morning and they drug me out of bed
Asked me how I pleaded, not guilty I said
Not guilty I said, you've got the wrong man
Nothing touched the trigger but the devil's right hand

(Repeat chorus...)

CD 1
  • 1 The Devil’s Right Hand
  • 2 Live Forever
  • 3 Everyone Gets Crazy
  • 4 It Is What It Is
  • 5 I Do Believe
  • 6 The End of Understanding
  • 7 True Love Travels a Gravel Road
  • 8 Death and Hell
  • 9 Waiting for a Long Time
  • 10 Here Comes That Rainbow Again
  • 11 The Road Goes On Forever