Who Sang Cruel? The House of Love

The House of Love Babe Rainbow cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Ethereal
length: 5:48
Untie my hands, you're the best that I've had.
Close to the drains and the sewers in flow
Hold back from anger and freeze all your soul.
Dive through the circle, describe what you hold

Drink and dissolve through the lines in your hands.
Write out of romance (the sugar in sand)
I failed when I tried to defend in my way.
Walked from the gaze of a dog of a day

I find when things are mine
like cold chains and baby whines
Well, Henry says, yeah, Henry says
"It's Sue and I"
Crawl, and watch your knes!
Slide low, through any sleeze
and money says, yeah, money says
"You've got to do it slow"

My theme is; loose the plot
f___ around and drink a lot
and Henry says, yeah Henry says
"Do it wrong"
But I don't think this way
and I would never say
I've done the best I could

CD 1
  • 1 You Don't Understand
  • 2 Crush Me
  • 3 Cruel
  • 4 High in Your Face
  • 5 Fade Away
  • 6 Feel
  • 7 Girl With the Loneliest Eyes
  • 8 Burn Down the World
  • 9 Philly Phile
  • 10 Yer Eyes