Who Sang Erin with an 'E'? The Impossibles

Release information
Release Date: 1999-5-11
Genre: Rock
Style: Ska/Power Pop/Punk
length: 4:21

She likes to keep to herself...
But i would also love to keep her
She may sleep all alone...
She's not the only lonely sleeper

When a bunch of realistic schemes seep into my daydreams
She's got the disinfectant
When all i've gotten myself is lost
She'll buy my heart at any cost
And it's just a safe investment

I may look like clark kent, but i'm no superman
Just a mild-mannered kid, looking for my Lois Lane
Looking for my Lois Lane

Whoa-oh, i know, she's what i see when my eyes close
Whoa-oh, i know, when she's gone, where she goes

I'd throw rose petals at her feet and feed her all that she could eat
A thousand kisses i would send her
I'd make her be my valentine, i'd wash my mouth with turpentine
I'd even like her if she changed her gender

CD 1
  • 1 Eightball
  • 2 Widowmaker
  • 3 Erin with an 'E'
  • 4 Always Have, Always Will
  • 5 So Much
  • 6 Priorities Intact
  • 7 Descriptive Essay, 100 Words
  • 8 Everyday
  • 9 Leave No Man Behind
  • 10 Fatboy
  • 11 The Week of August First
  • 12 Something Fierce
  • 13 Plan B
  • 14 Face-First!
  • 15 Back for the Attack!
  • 16 Widowmaker (2)
  • 17 Frances
  • 18 Kamikaze
  • 19 Gin Makes a Man Mean
  • 20 Simon
  • 21 Ben
  • 22 White Christmas