Who Sang Marked? The Invisibles

The Invisibles Summer cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 3:09
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Remembering again that I think I just wanna be your friend
I guess I`ll never be able to take it out of my head
Looking for a reason, trying to understand
Why it seems that you`re happy to be sad
Killed by your words, by that we need to talk
I`m still wondering how stupid that is
Feelings and complaints and this kind of thing
Are already becoming a routine
You`re probably sick and tired of listening all my brokenheartedfool`s laments
All the words and all my spit on your lips are nothing but a f****** waste
Oh hell, there must be another way to forget everything you said
But that`s something I can`t erase
Marked by the words you threw in my face

I`m not paranoid enough and too selfish
To understand what is your problem
I guess you never really wanted me to be something else but your toy
Never wanted me just like I am
Like Dawson said once I`m only looking for a normal relationship, healthy and true.
What does that really mean? Well I`m just trying to say I`ll have to find the opposite of you

All the times we talked, all the miles that I walked seem to be totally in vain
All the times we kissed, the good times I miss, tell me everything will be ok

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  • Release information
    country(area): Brazil
    format: CD-R
    script: Latin