Who Sang Killing Time? The Kinks

The Kinks Think Visual cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1986-11-17
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock/Classic Rock
length: 4:02
producer: Ray Davies
lead vocals: Ray Davies
membranophone & percussion: Bob Henrit
keyboard: Ian Gibbons
bass guitar: Jim Rodford
guitar: Dave Davies
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Everybody's going somewhere
See how they stand in line
All complaining their lives are unfair
Too bad for them, too bad for mine

(It's the killing time) From now till then
(Killing time), Not knowing when

They're watching me, I'm watching them
Standing by the empty mine
(Killing time)

It's a killing time
I know it well
Killing time
Until the bell
Too late to change, too soon to tell
And in between, the killing time
(Killing time) Giving me hell

Up above the stars still shine
Through the poverty and grime
Of the empty streets below
Killing time, nowhere to go
(Killing time)

Tell me, brother what's the plan?
Will I be a working man?
And occupy my idle mind
Or kill the time I knew so well
(Killing time) Giving me hell

Still I can smile at what I see
Soap operas full of vanity
So much wealth and property
Side by side with petty crime

Is that all life's meant to be?
Commercials full of luxuries
A man has one, a cat has nine
And in between it's killing time
(Killing time)

It's a killing time
I know it well
Too late to change
Too soon to tell

Still I can smile at what I find
Waiting round and killing time
Bite the bullet
Help me through it
These lunatics will take my mind
Why can't life be more sublime
Than all of this waste and killing time

Killing time
I know it well
It's the killing time

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  • Release information
    label: London Records
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin