Who Sang Lil' Cals Big Mistake? The Knack

The Knack Round Trip cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1981
Genre: Rock Pop Stage & Screen
Style: New Wave/Power Pop

I still remember the whole affair
But i don't go for nothing like that
After it's over what gets you there
Do you still hang around with that cat
Who told you lies
Fogged up those innocent eyes
Blessed you with death in disguise
Guess you were bloodied but
That's how you live
Now it's your turn to give
No i do not believe that you really care
You got no place for wearing your hat

Over by dewey you met the man
And he blew you away in a flash
Seems someone set you up and when he ran
You were left holding onto the stash
You bought the farm
Dead with your head on your arm
I knew he'd do you some harm
Why did you try to be
Like all the thieves
That you see on tv
You were bound and determined to make your stand
But you couldn't come up with the cash

Fagenson looked out of his window
And he could not believe what he saw
Calvin thinking he was bobby fuller
Squealing and swinging
Don swore he was singing
A verse or two of i fought the law

Yours was the hungriest mouth to feed
But it just wasn't meant to be fed
Six shots of shelter is what you need
But you got seven ounces of lead
It's not so nice
After they put you on ice
I see no virtue in vice
This time you blew it
But next time around
When you breeze into town
Just remember they're watching so keep your hands
Both securely on top of your head

  • 1 Radiating Love
  • 2 Soul Kissin'
  • 3 Africa
  • 4 She Likes the Beat
  • 5 Just Wait and See
  • 6 We Are Waiting
  • 7 Boys Go Crazy
  • 8 Lil' Cals Big Mistake
  • 9 Sweet Dreams
  • 10 Another Lousy Day in Paradise
  • 11 Pay the Devil (Ooo Baby Ooo)
  • 12 Art War

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin