Who Sang Only the Love of God? The Kry

The Kry Undone cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-1
Genre: Pop
Style: Religious/Indie Pop
length: 4:02

I didn't have a reason
To live this life until
He opened up my eyes
Had no one to believe in
Nothing to hold on to
Then I came to realize

I thought I knew it all
But then I heard the call
To start all over again
I came to understand

Only the love of God
Can heal our broken lives
Only the love of God
Can make everything alright
Only the love of God
Can make a heart believe
Only the love of God
Can bring us to our knees

Only the purest light
Can pierce through our darkness
And chase away the clouds
Only the blood of Jesus
Holds the power to free us
To free us from ourselves
From our hopelessness

No matter who we are
How we have lived this far
He gave us another chance
As he stretched out his hands
To bear the sin of man
To remember them no more
Now I know for sure

The kind of love
That's unexplainable
Nothing's more powerful
As strong as the love of God

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