Who Sang Paradise? The Kry

Release information
Release Date: 1996-11-29
Genre: Rock
length: 4:08
There was a man who didn't stand a chance
To see the sun just one more day
Caught in a crime hung by feet and hands
A bitter price one had to pay
But as he hung there he humbled himself
And Jesus said

You will be with me when I
You will be with me when I
You will be with me when I
When I'm on the other side
In paradise

One said come down from the cross
If you're the Christ save us and save yourself
The other said don't you fear God at all
Realize he's the son of man
Remember me when you come into...
Into your kingdom


I know now that you've done nothing wrong
I'm up here 'cause I deserve to die
They couldn't find any fault in you
Not even one thing you were tried and true
And though I'm guilty and that I can't deny
Please take me to the other side...

Luke 23:32-43

  • 1 The Search
  • 2 Paradise
  • 3 I Believe It
  • 4 Time
  • 5 Over and Over
  • 6 Down at the Cross
  • 7 Jason
  • 8 After All
  • 9 By the Rivers of Babylon
  • 10 When You Die
  • 11 What About Now