Who Sang Run to You? The Kry

The Kry Undone cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002-10-1
Genre: Pop
Style: Religious/Indie Pop
length: 4:12

I come undone
Nowhere to run
Falling down before
Your holiness
Search the deepest part of me

I'm coming back
Broken and cracked
Emptied of my self togetherness
Continue to break me
To reshape me
So I'll never be the same again

I'm gonna run to you
Maker of the heavens
I'm gonna run to you
The lifter of my head
I'm gonna run to you
The giver of all gladness
I'm gonna run
I'm gonna hide
I'm gonna fly

Into your arms
I wanna hide
Cover me up with your righteousness
My state of mind
Make me look more like yourself

Lord here I am
A different man
Willing to be sent and to be spent
I want you to use me
And to pour me
Come and fill my empty hands

Into the son I'm gonna hide
Out of the rain into the sun
When all seems lost
In you I find
A gleam of hope a ray of love
There will be nothing to fear
Just as long as you're near

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