Who Sang Is it Something I Said?? The Legendary Pink Dots

The Legendary Pink Dots Nemesis Online cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-9-22
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Leftfield/Abstract/Avantgarde/Psychedelic Rock/Ambient/Experimental
length: 5:11
The phone rings... 3 A.M. I'm pretending I'm asleep - could hear you
creeping .. And laughing as you dropped my name like bleeding snakes, like
poison, like the hell-fire that you paint in vivid colours. Well I guess
that he's a saint while I'm the one that's in the way. The one that keeps
you tangled up in chains. So very much I have to say.. I can't make it.
Well, it was only yesterday when you told me that you loved me. Will you
write it? I need to see it - black and white. I'll read it. I will read it
once again and maybe one day I'll believe it. But will you tell me where
you've been - everything in detail, every second, every moment. Every
thought. I need to know. It's just because I love you. Well, isn't that

CD 1
  • 1 Dissonance
  • 2 Jasz
  • 3 As Long as it's Purple and Green
  • 4 Ghost
  • 5 Under Your Wheels
  • 6 A Sunset for a Swan
  • 7 Is it Something I Said?
  • 8 Zoo
  • 9 Fate's Faithful Punchline
  • 10 Cheating the Shadow
  • 11 Abracadabra
  • 12 Slaapliedje