Who Sang Egzit? The Livid

The Livid Fear of Fading cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
length: 4:09

I've been yearning for quite some time to make this mine
Ninety-five percent of times I've been right between the lines
Pessimistic ways may be so close to right
Something deep within me makes me wanna fight

To speak of this makes tears run down my eyes
I'm scared like you, cause I'm the only one who tries
I'm growing sick – tired of these endless nights
I look to them and say

I'm doing just fine in my room, feeling this wound
But this I'll take with me to my tomb
I don't understand what I do with these hands
They just sit there and stare and shatter my plans

I've been having no sleep, it seems like endless nights
If it happens one more time, in her I will confide
I'm about to crack without a sound – I think I'm breaking down
Feeling so alone, spending too much time on my own

Facing my own skin has been so hard to bear
To face what's deep within begins to make me scared
I'm doing just fine

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