Who Sang Live to Imitate? The Livid

The Livid King of the Castle cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000
length: 3:23
The door that lies between both genres
Saying it's all the same...
Somebody better stop me before I delete you
Before the bullet accidentally meets you

You think you control all you see
Strangle hold around me
Prove you wrong, yes you'll see

Stretch and get down

I'll shoot you down, I will now
I'll shoot you down...

Counting down from seven – a shotgun heaven
Lyrically inclined and set out to blow your mind
I love the way you imitate
The way you hide your face
The way you think you have it all
But really it ain't the case

I see you from the inside
Through the mask you wear – all you wanna hide

All I see through what I learn
Live by what I earn
All I see through what I learn
The colors that we burn
All I see through what I learn
Coming round, freaking out
Till you finally get it all complete
Till all you speak is bullshit to the weak

CD-R 1
  • 1 The Neural Is Me
  • 2 Denial
  • 3 Falling Behind
  • 4 Step Up
  • 5 Elevate
  • 6 Emanon
  • 7 Live to Imitate
  • 8 Sixteenth
  • 9 Severed
  • 10 In Your Face
  • 11 Lost My Pride