Who Sang Reach? The Livid

The Livid Fear of Fading cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
length: 3:20

I'm falling out of line – I take what's in my mind
I inflict it on my so-called peers and watch them cry
Wasting all my time in a place I'll never find
It seems so strange and so unfamiliar

It's like I'm driving while I'm running out of gas
Cause I'm too ignorant and dumb to make it last
You say I'm free, but there's nothing in me but I...

Can't explain, but it's what's left deep inside repeating
One chance, one life to reach this
Still in pain and you're the one who maims and feeds my bleeding
One chance, one life to reach this

Still a step behind – why must I be so kind
I worry about these stupid things that aren't mine
Building up a shrine of words that never rhyme or
Seem so vague and so poorly filtered

  • 1 The Day I Understood
  • 2 Broke and Crossed
  • 3 Foreseen
  • 4 Watch It Die
  • 5 Clear Me
  • 6 Step Up
  • 7 Egzit
  • 8 Live to Imitate
  • 9 Reach
  • 10 The Neural Is Me