Who Sang Welcome to My World? The Lodger

The Lodger Flashbacks cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-4-27
length: 2:46
I can see you hiding behind the smile
I can see you sticking around for a while
I would like to waltz with you hand in hand
I would like to become your man
Because I almost used directions
I very nearly had a plan
When are you going to love me
Like you say you can?
Before it's goodbye and farewell
Welcome to my world, it's hell!

There's a notice hanging upon your door
There's a future telling you what's in store
I can picture when you're a great success
I can see you but I must confess

That I almost used instructions
I very nearly read my notes
Now we're on our knees
And at each other's throats

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  • 5 Flashbacks
  • 6 Welcome to My World
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