The Lonely Island - I’m a Hustler (interlude) 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2013-6-7
ジャンル: Hip Hop Non-Music
スタイル: Comedy/Novelty/Pop Rap
length: 1:21

Well I'm a hustler, that's just what I do
I'm always hustling on the avenue
I can sell water to a whale
Or even a shell to a snail

I'm a hustler, life of a hustler, that's me
I've been this way since I came out my mama's puss
I'm always thinking of a scheme
I'm good at what I do
And I know a thing or two about hustling

You have to be born with a certain swag
A je ne sais quoi, that makes hustling your bag
Hey, at 8 years old I got my hood pass
Then at 9 I got my first piece of ass

Ice to an eskimo, spaghetti to a wop
I know that sounds racist, it's just how I talk
In the crap game, I am the number 1
I wouldn't mess around, you'll get your money taken

Never talk on the phone, that’s rule number one, I'll punch you in the spine
So many rhymes on my brain, sometimes I feel insane
I’m in the kitchen, cooking up crack
(Laughing) So anyway, that’s probably uncool, right?

CD 1
  • 1 Dramatic Intro
  • 2 Go Kindergarten
  • 3 Hugs
  • 4 Diaper Money
  • 5 YOLO
  • 6 Spell It Out
  • 7 Semicolon
  • 8 Where Brooklyn At? (interlude)
  • 9 You’ve Got the Look
  • 10 I’m a Hustler (interlude)
  • 11 Spring Break Anthem
  • 12 I Run NY
  • 13 I Don’t Give a Honk
  • 14 3-Way (The Golden Rule)
  • 15 Meet the Crew
  • 16 I Fucked My Aunt
  • 17 We Are a Crowd
  • 18 The Compliments
  • 19 We Need Love
  • 20 Perfect Saturday
    DVD-Video 2
  • 1 YOLO
  • 2 Diaper Money
  • 3 We Need Love
  • 4 3-Way (The Golden Rule)
  • 5 Spell It Out
  • 6 Spring Break Anthem
  • 7 100th Digital Short
  • 8 Lazy Sunday 2