Who Sang Champion Angel? The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem Oh My God, Charlie Darwin cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-2
length: 5:34
composer: Ben Knox Miller, Jeffrey Prystowsky
lyricist: Ben Knox Miller, Jeffrey Prystowsky
Throw up your voice but not you mind
While them agents of change go monopolize
Their colors and their faces are just shades of the same
All lost in the game

And we don't need no personal saviors here
Just a warm hearth and water. It's purely biological
No posturing mannequin man or woman
Shall receive my hand

Among all you angels is a champion angel
Among all you devils there's a free soul
Up from the disenfranchised the engine cries
Up from the circle there's a hole

The child insubordinate disrupts the pecking order
So go marry young while you can
'Cause the weave of the rug and the cut of the throne
Testify before the ocean's open hand

I promise you this promise we are not alone
But why is it I alone that promise this
Deny the forces that would hurry men
If you still can

We come now to a fracture in the road
Here time has taken her toll
The endless freezing and the thawing of the heart
Would eventually divide us apart

What's that you found in the pocket of your coat
Looks like a small sentiment that she wrote
Don't be my personal savior I would not be saved
I chose to walk alone

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