Who Sang Her Little Cosmos? The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem Eyeland cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-6-17
length: 2:55

[Verse 1]
See him through the green field
Gathering Snails (papshipap papshipappap papshipap)
She paints them with nail balms (ohhohoo)
Pink's for the girls
Blue's for the boys
On two feet of string
And a [?] of Elmer’s glue
She sits them orbiting

[Verse 2]
We made our way home
Through the wax and snow
Of arcadian car wash (0hhohoo)
Hands and sponges swished
Our tongues with twist
The wealth wilderness
Lovers do [?] room out there

[Verse 3]
See the [?] stop shops
Down The dollar binned records (papapap pipipip)
In a place we serve justice
In a coward door [?]
With her inconsolate black eyes
All the darkened symptoms
The Spiral of style
In the dress in [?]

She catches her old eye
Her little cosmos
Her little cosmos

CD 1
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  • 2 Her Little Cosmos
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  • 4 Ozzie
  • 5 Waved the Neon Seaweed
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