Who Sang In the Air Hockey Fire? The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem Eyeland cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-6-17
length: 4:55

[Verse 1]
A soft wise of [?]
In the air hockey fire
Soft filled my lungs
By minds gone easy and empty
I remember you well
In the air hockey fire
[?] glass of smell
And the shadows danced
While they’re around you

[Verse 2]
They have a notes built in the burned out wood
Crippling size [?] through
Two will come back deal with me [?]
I don’t know what I think
Since the air hardly fire
I stare and see
And green vivid highs of his house [?]
[?] his home
How the year have you home
That I’m in sorrow doubts
Time doesn’t seem realize since passing
As we wait in the suburbs for them to call
For us and tell us it’s time
In this big word sign
We’re too young to comeback
Until be free [?] to comeback
Until be free [?]

[Verse 3]
We watch [?]
At the air hockey fire
And sudden black birds
Say my [?] to the halfline
Half on the top branches
Those young angels cry
For real [?] so sweet
You don’t have to die for [?] young

If you go back to young with reality
We can go back and deal with reality
You can go back and deal with reality
You can go back and deal with reality

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