Who Sang Wzgddrmtnwrdz? The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem Eyeland cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2016-6-17
length: 4:10

[Whistling and knocking on the door]
You alright?
(Foreign language)


[Foreign language]
God was [?] the life [?] on the first day
On the fourth day god created the earth
On the fifth day god created [?]
On the sixth day god [?] and created life
On the seventh day god created life into us and himself
[?] on the eighth day god created [?]
Notice [in audible]


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  • 3 The Pepsi Moon
  • 4 Ozzie
  • 5 Waved the Neon Seaweed
  • 6 Behind the Airport Mirror
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  • 8 Wzgddrmtnwrdz
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