Who Sang Stupid Questions? The LOX

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Release information
Release Date: 2016-12-16
length: 2:13

[Interviewer 1]
Uh.. Uh.. Ex.. Uh.. Ex.. Excuse me, guys!
The Lox! Lox! Lox!
Excuse me! Alright.. Excuse me! Excuse me, Sheek! Stylez! Stylez! Jada!

Oh my god, What!?

[Stylez P]

Yeah, what's up?

[Interviewer 1]
What about Benzino?
Are you guys safe in Boston?
I heard he has a lot of Love and Hip Hop fans

[Stylez P]

Go ahead, P, answer that shit

Ask Mona Scott!

[Stylez P]
Fuck you mean, are we safe in Boston?

We safe everywhere, nigga!

[Stylez P]
Are you fuckin' safe right now? Fuck you up!

That's why I hate doing these stupid ass interviews

[Interview 1]
Uh, Beanie Sigel, Freeway.. Uh.. Philadelphia is very dangerous
How do you guys feel about that?

Yes, homie, yes, we fucks with Philly

[Stylez P]
I'm fuckin' very dangerous!

The bol over here drawling
This nigga dick eatin'
I thought it was an interview; this nigga dick eatin'

[Interviewer 2]
Guys, Guys, Guys!
Over here, over here!
What's up with you and Puff?
Are you guys still cool?
Is there any beef?

Ah, man
Aye, listen, man!

[Stylez P]
Are you fuckin' serious, like, yo!?
We just got off fuckin' tour!

We just got on tour!
We just got off tour, dick head!
Didn't you hear Money Making Mitch, ass hole?

[Stylez P]
Yo, use a dumb, bitch
Ay, yo! Get the fuck outta here

Where the fuck you been the last sixty days, you stupid bitch!

[Stylez P]
What the fuck, yo!?

[Interviewer 2]
I saw 50 the other day and he said y'all were still cool
Is that true? I mean, what do you, what do you have to say? Do you have any comments about that?

Man, he on the tenth series of Power
That shit was a little bit after the Fresh Fest
What's wrong with you, lady?

[Interviewer 2]
One more question! One more question!
Is it true? Is it true? Is one of y'all fuckin' Amber?
Which one? Who?

Listen, man
Ain't nobody fuckin' no Amber
Listen, baby
After this, me and you gone fuck
You cool?

[Interviewer 2]
Okay, okay, okay

Okay, baby

[Interviewer 2]
Okay, one more question, guys
This is serious, please
Do you guys.. I.. you gotta tell me
Do you guys get really really high?
Do you guys do percs, lean, third party drugs


You outta pocket

Third party?

[Interviewer 2]
Are you guys apart of the illuminate?
Everybody wants to know
These are things people want to know
Come on

Bitch, is you crazy?

[Stylez P]
Ay, yo, get the fuck outta here, you stupid ass bitch!

Oh my god, man

[Interviewer 3]
Hold up, bitch!
It's my turn

Him over there
Next question

[Interviewer 3]
Now, Sheek, where were you at?
Jenny From the Block
All of these hit songs
We need to know, where was you at?

Listen, I told you I ain't have no plans on getting on nothing else
Stylez and Kiss was killing shit out there, man
But, yo, straight up, I'll fuck you up, though
Yo, yo, you hear me?

[Interviewer 3]
Right, right, right right right
Right right right
Aight, alright

Real talk, nigga

[Interviewer 1]
Y'all from Yonkers, right?


[Interviewer 1]
How was it growing up with DMX?

How was it growing up with your mother?

[Interviewer 1]
Did y'all like Mary in that Hillary commercial
I didn't like that shit

[Stylez P]
You better chill before you get fucked up


Kristy, keep this shoot moving, man

[Interviewer 1]
I fucked up
I know
That's on me
I fucked up at the end

[The Lox]
Next question! Next question! Next question!

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