Who Sang The Snitch (interlude)? The LOX

The LOX Money, Power & Respect cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-1-13
length: 1:31

*door knocks*

"girl: Who's this?"

girl's man: It's me

"girl: Come in"

*door opens and closes*

girl: Hey baby, what's going on?

girl's man: I'm just here at the car

girl: What music do you gotta listen at the car?

girl's man: The LOX

girl: The LOX? *humping* This is a hood group

girl's man: No, no...

girl: Fuck you, let me snitch you

girl's man: NO...

*scotch sticks into girl's man's body*

girl's man: Fuck you bitch!

girl: Fuck this LOX shit and you!

girl's man: Fuck that shit!

girl: C'mon, shut your ass up

girl's man: Fuck your ass!

girl: Yo, don't listen that shit anymore!

girl's man: I gotta listen this shit!

girl: Fuck that LOX shit and your niggas!

girl's man: I don't have a nigga...

girl: Isn't true, fuck you bitch!

*scotch stops to sticks on*

girl's man: Fuck you, free me in this chair!

girl: No!

girl's man: Fuck you, free me!

girl: I can't

girl's man: C'mon, fr...

*scotch sticks into his mouth*

girl's man: mmm-mmmm...

girl: Yeah!

girl's man: mmmmm-mmm-mmmm...

girl: Yo, i gotta go!

girl's man: MMMM-MMMMM-MMM...

girl: Bye!

girl's man: MMMMMM...

*door opens and closes*

girl's man: MMMMMM-MMMM-MMMMM-MMMMMMM... *fades out*

CD 1
  • 1 Yonkers Tale (intro)
  • 2 Livin' The Life
  • 3 If You Think I'm Jiggy
  • 4 The Interview, Part I (interlude)
  • 5 Money, Power & Respect
  • 6 Get This $
  • 7 Lets Start Rap Over
  • 8 Mad Rappe
  • 9 I Wanna Thank You
  • 10 Goin' Be Some Shit
  • 11 The Heist, Part I
  • 12 Not to Be Fucked With
  • 13 The Set-Up (interlude)
  • 14 Bitches From Eastwick
  • 15 Can't Stop, Won't Stop
  • 16 All for the Love
  • 17 So Right
  • 18 The Snitch (interlude)
  • 19 Everybody Wanna Rat
  • 20 The Interview, Part II (interlude)
  • 21 We'll Always Love Big Poppa