Who Sang William and Mary? The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths The Green Bicycle Case cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Indie Rock
length: 1:17

Dear Mary, a letter from the grave
You'd better well behave
Don't spend more than you save
Be careful not to...

It's scary - I hope you're sitting down
I know how this must sound
I'm six feet in the ground
But I'll always be around

No matter what you do
I've got my eye on you
No matter what you do
I've got my eye on you

I'm staring at you each and every day
Since I'm an eyeball in a basin
Be charitable and chaste
And don't put make-up on your face

In death if not in life
We might see eye to eye
In death if not in life
Husband and wife

And I'm repeating myself twice
And I'm spouting tautologies
A dozen red roses and a thousand apologies
And thanks a million
Love, William

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  • 5 Two Storeys
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  • 8 Mezzanine
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