Who Sang Shadow? The Lurkers

The Lurkers Fulham Fallout cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1978
length: 2:39
producer: Mick Glossop
lead vocals: Howard Wall
vocal: Esso, Pete Stride and Nigel Moore
engineer: Colin Owen, Dave Bellotti and Jerry Green
guitar: Pete Stride
drums (drum set): Esso
bass guitar: Nigel Moore
composer: Pete Stride
lyricist: Pete Stride
Shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow shadow
My heart's in the shadow
His heart's in the shadow
My heart's in the shadow
His heart's in the shadow´┐Ż.go go (oh no) (oh well)
I heard you got a new boy, he's got more than me
He's lots of fun to have around, he's got lots of money
Last night i saw you dancing, i had to watch you all the while
He whispered something in your ear, you both saw me and smiled

Jenny said she'd lend me a gun, she knows i'm not well
Then i'll shoot that boy in the legs, when he comes to ring your bell

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ain't Got a Clue
  • 2 I Don't Need to Tell Her
  • 3 Total War
  • 4 Hey You
  • 5 Shadow
  • 6 Then I Kicked Her
  • 7 Go, Go, Go
  • 8 Jenny
  • 9 Time of Year
  • 10 Self Destruct
  • 11 It's Quiet Here
  • 12 Gerald
  • 13 I'm on Heat
  • 14 Be My Prisoner